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This is the first quilt made which is on display at the MitoCanada office in Brantford, Ontario.


Mitochondrial Disease (Mito) is a genetic disease that is an energy failure at a cellular level. Imagine running a whole household one one battery, that is what it is like having Mitochondrial Disease. It is life threatening, affects children and adults, with an incidence of 1:4000. Mito causes cells to die and can lead to organ failure. There are currently no treatment options available, only symptom relief.

Mito Quilts of Hope is a charity quilt project for patients with Mitochondrial Disease. With their quilts, patients will have a visual tool to raise awareness of their disease. The project was conceived by Christine Knox who has Mito herself and wanted to do something to raise awareness of the disease. She began the project in August of 2013 and hopes that it will make a difference in the lives of other Mito patients.


Every stitch gives hope and warmth to someone who is very ill and often unable to maintain their own body temperature. For this reason, it is our goal to give a quilt to every person diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease in Canada and the US within 5 years. With the help of every quilter who comes on board, we get closer to reaching that goal! We certainly cannot do it alone and need all the quilters we can get. If you belong to a quilt guild, a satellite quilt or church group, or get together with friends to quilt, if you quilt in the basement, bedroom, attic, we NEED YOU! There are many children and adults applying for quilts and they have been on wait lists for up to two years. Some have died within weeks of receiving their quilts. Our fear is that others will die before receiving their quilts. Let’s not make them wait any longer!

Sadly there are those who have passed away and never had a chance to even fill out a quilt request. Our heart bleeds for their families and one day we would love to consider making memorial quilts to honor these angels.


  1. If you are not a quilter, you can still help by making a donation to support Mito Quilts of Hope. Donations help us with purchasing fabric, batting and thread, plus pay for shipping of quilts to patients. At this point we are not a registered charity, although this is in process. We have no paid staff as all board members and quilters are volunteers. Any donations made go straight into making quilts for patients! If you considering a donation, please contact us for information on the best way to do this at this stage. Thank you!
  2. Help us by sharing what you have learned about Mitochondrial Disease so it becomes as well-known as Cancer, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s.
  3. You can make a donation to one of the organizations which support patients and families coping with this disease by going to either www.MitoCanada.org or www.MitoAction.org. (US).