Quilt Recipients

Thanking our Quilters!

Thanking quilters with a simple thank you, just doesn’t seem to say it strongly enough as no words can do justice to their generosity. Below is a list of their names to recognize them publicly and express our deep appreciation. Their gift is beyond price and gives such warmth and comfort to the recipients.

  • Candace B.
  • Christine K. Adaline O, Eileen K, Moira C, Mary B, Jennie K, Janet of The Pointless Sisters
  • Gail H.
  • Joanne M.
  • Joanne W.
  • Arlene McKenzie of On Pointe Quilting http://www.onpointquiltingstudio.com/
  • Eileen, Sheila, Joyce, Sandy, Sue, Cyndee of Quilting Friends
  • Barbara M R, & others
  • Jennifer Watson of Quilt as Desired http://quiltasdesired.ca/
  • Joanne Wozniak of Joanne’s Long Arm Quilting http://joannequilts.ca/

Quilt Recipients, Quilters and Where They Live

We are sharing this map to give you an idea of the scope or reach of the Mito Quilts of Project. The green icon indicates the city or town a quilters who have donated a quilt, and the yellow heart icon indicates where a recipient lives.


Mito Quilts of Hope Project

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Mito Quilts of Hope Project: 50.454722, -104.606667